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Work Place & Building Safety

Work place sanitization is performed twice a day with 1% Solution of Disinfectant and Once in day with UVC Lights after closing of working Hours.

Frequently touched surfaces ( Like Door / Window Handles, Hand Railings, Water taps and other office equipment’s etc ) is cleaned twice a day with disinfectants).

Doors at works place are kept opened at all time during work hours to minimise the touching of door handles.

Anti-bacterial Tapes are pasted on door handles at offices and training also provided to every employee to open the door with help of elbow instead of touching by hand.

Safety Instruction & SOP’s for Covid-19 have been posted at each shop floors and entry points in local language.

Staggered Tea Brakes and Lunch Brake is followed with social distancing norms.

Product Safety

Provided required safety equipment like 3 ply mask, Gloves, Cap to workers and employees.

Provided Face Shields to workers where social distancing is not possible according to the nature of Job.

All incoming goods are kept at particular place for 24 Hours before going to shop floor for further process and also sanitized with UVC light after closing of work hours by trained person.

All Incoming Packages and other accessories are also sanitized by UVC Light and hold for 24 hours before delivering to concerned person.

Touch free Sanitizer dispenser is installed at each shop floor, Near drinking points and near toilets/ washrooms and awareness has been given to use sanitizer 4-5 times in a day during working hours.

Management Commitment

Committed to follow and implement guidelines and advisory issued by Govt. Authorities and WHO.

Our vision “employee is an asset for us”.

Committed to Provide each and every possible resources and supports to safeguard our employees, Product, business Partners and community.

Human Safety

Thermal Scanning of every individual who are entering in the facility (For e.g. Employees, visitors, Suppliers and other stake holders.)

Hand sanitization through touch free machines and also provided Hand washing Facility at entry points of the Factory.

We have installed Sanitization Tunnel for Complete body Sanitization at entry point with proper safety measures and using 1% sodium Hypochlorite solution (as recommended by WHO) for disinfection.

Employees are encouraged to work from home to minimise the physical contacts and online virtual meetings is performed as per requirements.

Social distancing measures have been taken at work place.

Performing Random Test of employees with Rapid Test Kit to prevent risk of Transmission.

Regular Monitoring of safety measures is performed and training about is also done of every employees on regular basis.

Safety Measures and Guidelines for Visitors and other external persons is displayed at entry points and also communicated to them before entering in the facility.